"There's always one more way to do things and that's your way, and you have a right to try it at least once."

Waylon Jennings

With over 50 years of collective restaurant, event, and hotel experience, some might say that we're hospitality experts. But we think of ourselves as community members, friends, and parents first. And when we moved to South Austin, we loved the community here but couldn't find the casual, somewhere-in-between a tavern and a diner restaurant that we wanted to frequent regularly.

We wanted a spot with unpretentious and delicious food, and a sense of ease because you are always well taken care of. A place where you can get a nice glass of wine, or a breakfast sandwich, or bring your kids when you don't feel like cooking.

We wanted a go-to option for any time of day to make those early morning soccer games, busy days at work, and everyday celebrations a little more special.

We wanted a place that fosters connection and conversation with our community, family, and friends. Your favorite place for a date night or a business lunch. So we built it. And we're so excited to create a space that you love to come back to, again and again.

We built a neighborhood restaurant for us, and we built it for you. It's great to see you at The Local.